7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Accountants Near You

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Accounting is a complex process that many home and business owners would rather avoid. However, hiring the wrong accountant can make the process even more complicated. The professionals at Accurate Tax & Bookkeeping Services are here to share seven questions to ask before hiring an accountant to avoid inexperienced firms.

Accurate Tax & Bookkeeping Services has more than 25 years of experience offering small businesses and individuals in Brandon, FL, tax preparation and planning, accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, IRS/State representation, and more. 

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Accountants Near You

 #1: What Kind of Clients Does the Firm Have?

It is important the accountant has experience relevant to the job at hand, especially in the case of business accounting. Every business has different tax rules, and hiring an accountant with experience adhering to those rules is always a good idea. 

#2: Is the Accountant Available Outside Tax Season?

Avoid hiring an accountant near you who only works during tax season. Most businesses need help with tax and accounts year-round. Even individuals sometimes have questions that need to be answered at other times of the year. 

#3: Does the Firm Have Experience Dealing with the IRS?

Even accurately kept accounts can be selected for an audit. An experienced accountant near you can make this much less of an ordeal than it might be otherwise. Accountants who are used to dealing with government tax services also understand how to avoid issues that might trigger an audit. 

#4: Who Will Be Servicing the Accounts?

Building a relationship with an accountant is important, and getting to know one another can save time over the years. Some accounting firms outsource work during the tax period, just when that personal connection can be most useful. Verify the same person will always be managing the account before hiring an accountant near you. 

#5: Is the Accountant Conservative or Aggressive?

Style is a matter of preference. A conservative accountant plays things safe, always on the lookout for items and claims that might catch the IRS’s attention. More aggressive accountants will do everything they possibly can to maximize deductions and minimize fees and taxes. 

#6: How Does the Accountant Bill for Services?

Some accountants charge by the hour. Others charge a flat rate. Hourly billers are more likely to leave no stone unturned as they are paid for their time accordingly. However, when opting for an hourly route, be sure to ask for an estimate or require some form of tracking software before signing on with the accountant to avoid surprises.

#7: Can the Accountant Manage Multiple Companies Simultaneously?

Those with more than one business need an accountant who can cope with money moving between them. Some accountants prefer not to do this or don’t have the experience to do so well. Remember to research the firm thoroughly before making a commitment. 

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