Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses: A Concise Guide

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Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses: A Concise Guide

Whether you’ve started by doing your books on your own or are just looking to get started on the right foot, hiring an accounting firm for your bookkeeping services can simplify your overall accounting. Hiring a bookkeeping professional can save you time and money whether you run a franchise, a restaurant, or are a contractor, a tradesperson, or a retailer.

What Do Bookkeeping Services Involve?

Bookkeepers for small business are usually not hired for a one-and-done type of deal. Hiring bookkeeping services on a monthly retainer allows your accountant to perform various tasks to ensure you never fall behind with your finances.

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You can expect your bookkeeping service to check your cash reserves and track your incoming and outgoing expenses daily. Each month they will generally perform data entry, handle payroll processing, file receipts, review transactions, and balance the checkbook. Quarterly tasks, such as payroll, income, and sales tax reports and payments, are usually included as well.

Many local bookkeeping services also offer Quickbooks training and installation. Look for a firm that’s part of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program if you need additional help with these items. Operating on a platform that your firm is familiar with will go a long way in making the transition to a professional service easier.

Choosing the Right Professional Bookkeeper for Your Small Business

When looking for a bookkeeping service, you’ll want to make sure you know what you are looking for beforehand. You may find several options available, be it a professional bookkeeper, accountant, or certified public accountant (CPA.) The difference being the first keeps your books, the second can give you advice and forecasts, and the third can do all the above and is authorized to write audited financial statements.

Once you have chosen the type of professional you need, you should ask the following questions: 

  • May I have a list of your services?
  • Are you familiar with my industry?
  • What protections do you offer?
  • How does your pricing work?
  • What are your deliverables and response times?

Don’t be afraid to mix up your services as well. It may be better for you to hire a professional bookkeeper to handle your books from month to month and then keep an accountant on hand for use only when needed. Doing so may save you money in the long run.

Professional Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Brandon, Florida

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Professional small business bookkeeping services keep your finances on track without having to worry about taking on the responsibilities and liabilities on your own. With a trusted professional at hand, you can rest easy knowing your records are in good hands.

Accurate Tax & Bookkeeping Services serves business owners, individuals, and families in the Greater Brandon and Tampa Bay area. Call them today at (813) 655-9702 to schedule a free consultation. You can also find them on Facebook.

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