Top Traits of Qualified Bookkeepers

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Hiring a bookkeeper is a wise decision for any business. It is arguably one of the most important decisions a successful business can make, explains Greg J. Menia, CPA and founder of Accurate Tax and Bookkeeping Services. A qualified bookkeeper can compile financial data, ensure compliance, and make it easier to make sound business decisions. Because of this, it is crucial to find the right bookkeeping services to meet your needs.

What Do Bookkeepers Do?

Before hiring a bookkeeper, it is important to know what services they provide. Some typical duties include:

  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Processing payroll
  • Processing accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Keep journal entries current
  • Perform month-end closings
  • Track fixed assets and prepare depreciation schedules
  • Provide constant communication

What to Look for in an Expert Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is one of the most crucial services to a business. A great one can help propel a business forward, while an inexperienced one can derail the entire company. So, what should a business look for in a qualified expert? Here are some top skills and attributes to look for when considering bookkeeping services.

Specific Experience

It is important to find a bookkeeper with experience. Look for years in the industry as well as the types of industries the company has worked with in the past. The right service provider will have extensive experience serving organizations in the same industry and similar size and complexity. This aspect is important because the needs within every industry vary drastically and have unique financial challenges, so a bookkeeper specializing in technology start-ups may not have experience in the needs of a 25-year-old physical security business.

Training and Education

When looking for bookkeeping services in Brandon, FL, it is important to look at training and education. A good bookkeeper will have a high degree of proficiency demonstrated with the appropriate education. Look for a degree in accounting, someone who is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and a willingness to participate in continued education to stay abreast of any changes in accounting rules and procedures. 

Uses Appropriate Technologies

A great bookkeeper will have strong technical skills and use the latest and most appropriate software.

Professional Associations

Another identifier of professional bookkeeping services in Brandon Fl is being a member of local professional associations. Some of these may include:

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce (GBCC)

Tax Preparation and Planning

A skilled bookkeeper should also have tax preparation and planning experience. The provider should know how to get the company prepared for tax season, meet important deadlines, and keep books and receipts organized.

Top Questions to Ask Potential Bookkeeping Services

  • How long have you been in the bookkeeping industry?
  • What type of clients do you serve?
  • What customized services can you offer?
  • What kinds of systems do you use?
  • What types of reports do you prepare, and how often do you provide them?
  • How do you stay informed of changes in laws and procedures?
  • Do you provide audit support?

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