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10 Tips for Finding the Right Company to Help with Taxes and Bookkeeping Services in Brandon, FL

It’s common sense that all businesses should have a full record of all their financial transactions, especially when tax season rolls around. But most business owners lack the skills (and often the time) to do their own bookkeeping, so it may make sense to have a bookkeeping and tax services to keep the business’s books in shape. Finding the right service isn’t always straight-forward, so when you’re chatting with different service providers, keep these tips in mind:

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1. Get Referrals

Finding a good tax and bookkeeping service can be straightforward if you get referrals from someone that you trust, preferably within the same industry. If you already have an accounting firm that you work with, it’s likely that they will also offer bookkeeping and business tax accounting services. If they don’t offer that service, they will may have a relationship with another company that they can refer you to.

2. Hire a Tax Strategist Who Also Offers Bookkeeping Services

Taxes have a compound effect on income, so taking steps to reduce your tax burden legally can help you to achieve your financial goals. A qualified, experienced CPA in Brandon, FL will offer valuable insights as they stay on top of current legislature and changes and can advise on a tax-efficient legal structure for your business in addition to bookkeeping services.

3. Work with a Local Business, Choose a Bookkeeper in Brandon, FL

Working with a local bookkeeping service means they you can meet in person with them when needed rather than with someone in a remote location. For this reason, your bookkeeper should be in the same business area as you. For help narrowing down the options, try searching for “tax and bookkeeping near me”. You can also see if the business is likely to be a good fit with yours when you check their Yelp reviews. 

4. Check the Software That They Use for Accounting

You need to know what software they use before you sign up as they may need you to move to a new system which will require additional learning. You will also need to ensure that you have access to the files so that you can always see your own information.

5. Hire a Tax and Bookkeeping Service That Understands Your Business

The right bookkeeping service should have a thorough understanding of your business and the industry in which you operate. This will help when it comes to make decisions that have tax implications and will also prevent them making costly errors. 

Choose a Business That Has a Good Track Record

If you are looking for a business that offers tax and bookkeeping services, it’s important that they understand the ins and outs of your business, as well as having sufficient industry experience. But, over and above these qualifications, they should be honest and transparent. Hiring a company with a good track record, and whom you feel you can trust, will make it much easier to delegate the responsibility of your books. This is where working with an established company such as an accounting firm can help. They will be able to provide references from satisfied customers, and you can look up their rating on Yelp for further candid reviews of their services. 

Accurate Tax & Bookkeeping Services, LLC in Brandon, Florida, is a tax, bookeeping and accounting firm that assists businesses and individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area. With attention to detail and a commitment to high-quality service at the heart of what they do, the company specializes in tax preparation and planning, accounting and bookkeeping, payroll and representation in IRS/State matters.

Individual Taxation and Planning | Personal Tax Accounting

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Accurate Tax & Bookkeeping Services, LLC is experienced in tax preparation and planning for individuals.  This includes Form 1040 and all state tax income tax returns.  During our initial consultation we obtain a thorough understanding of your current tax situation and plans for the future.

Proactive and aggressive tax planning is essential in order to minimize tax liabilities. Tax planning is a year-round process.  The tax implications should be carefully considered before finalizing a large variety of seemingly common everyday transactions.  Timely tax planning eliminates the negative, and often irreversible, effects of transactions that were not adequately thought out.

Our goal is to proactively obtain the information necessary to plan appropriately and minimize tax liabilities.  We keep constant contact with our clients in order to determine any beneficial tax
planning opportunities and strategies.

Areas of Expertise

Accurate Tax & Bookkeeping Services, LLC is experienced in a wide range of individual tax preparation and planning areas including, but not limited to:

  • Federal Tax Returns (1040)
  • Estate and Trust Returns (1041)
  • Gift Tax Returns (709)
  • State Income Tax Returns
  • Sole Proprietorships (Schedule C)
  • Rental Activities
  • Farming Activities
  • Casualty Losses
  • Home Office Deduction
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Child Care Expenses
  • Retirement Plans
  • Stock Sale Transactions
  • Installment sales
  • Tax Credits

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